Thread: 2 questions about winsock 2

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    2 questions about winsock 2

    hi, i have 2 questions about winsock2.

    VS's help says that winsock2 is not avaiblable for MFC. does that mean that if I make an mfc dll, i can't use winsock2? or do i just have to #include "Winsock2.h"? and if not, how would I make a dll that uses winsock in vs2008?

    the other question.. if I only have the socket's file descriptor (or "socket descriptor?") how would I get a SOCKET object from that (or a pointer/reference to its socket object)?


    btw, what i'm trying to do is make a dll that mimics Python's select.poll, using WSAPoll, so that I can then use the dll from Python using ctypes, since python doesn't come with select.poll support for windows..just in case anyone has any tips for that. thanks.
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    You have to use MFC's CSocket() or CAsyncSocket() class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abachler View Post
    You have to use MFC's CSocket() or CAsyncSocket() class.
    thanks, but the problem is that I need to use WSAPoll specifically, and I think it's only available in Winsock2. and for .dll's in vs2008 I only saw two options, and they were both MFC. there *must* be a way to use winsock2 in a dll...!?

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