Cygwin & MinGW

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    Cygwin & MinGW

    I have Cygwin & MinGW installed on my laptop.
    In the PATH variable , Cygwin has the higher priority.
    But sometimes I want to invoke the MinGW GCC from the command line withoug CD-ing to it's installation directory

    Any suggestion ?

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    Change the path environment variable for that process i.e.,
    set path=mingw_path;%path%
    A batch/cmd(*.bat or *.cmd) file is useful in this regard as you can do other stuff, too, such as invoke make or other tools if you want.
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    I have my own "command" directory, where I put programs I want to run throguh command line. So there will be only my bat files and some console executables. You can make a bat file called "cyg.bat":
    SET PATH=cygwin_path;%path%
    and "mgw.bat":
    SET PATH=mingw_path;%path%
    So you can easily switch the path between Cygwin and MinGW by just "cyg" or "mgw".
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    Of course he could just have the batch file pass on the compiling as well:

    SET OLDPATH=%path%
    SET PATH=mingw_path;%path%
    g++ %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

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