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    Question SanDisk flash driver


    I know I should have opened this threat at Tec session but somehow I couldn't open it.

    I want to use my USB flash driver with my knoppix linux system. My question is after save something in my usb flash driver, how I should remove it. Is there any command for safely removing flash driver in linux?


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    I'm not that into Linux but can't you use the "eject" command?

    I know you can do it with floppies and CDROMs:

    # sync;sync
    # eject fd (for floppy) or
    # eject cd (for CDROM)
    not sure how it's done with a removable device though, but whatever the device name is give it a try. The eject unmounts the device so i'm sure if it has a device name, it should unmount it.

    Hope this gets ya moving in the right direction.


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    Can't you just unmount it like any other device?

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    You can mount/umount flash drives just like any other drive.

    However I can't think of any linux distro that doesn't support USB flash drives via Hotplug/Automount. Out of the three distributions I use between home and work (SuSE, Fedora, Gentoo), you can simply plug and unplug the flash drive at will.

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