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Revision control system recommendations (part 2)

This is a discussion on Revision control system recommendations (part 2) within the Tech Board forums, part of the Community Boards category; Part one here Decided a distributed Revision control system is needed. Most familiar with SVN. I am thinking about ...

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    Revision control system recommendations (part 2)

    Part one here Revision control system recommendations

    Decided a distributed Revision control system is needed.

    Most familiar with SVN.

    I am thinking about using just Git for my Revision control system needs.
    Anyone what to list Pros or Cons; or other comments?
    Websites for help
    Hosting sites (I know about github and bitbucket) any other?

    Anyone, have comments about which other ones I should look at.
    Tried Bazaar Bzr some.
    Tried Mercurial Hg some.

    Tim S.
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    I'm not a fan myself because of early "teething" problems, but "git" is nevertheless rapidly becoming the standard for revision control.

    I still use "Mercurial".

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    I also prefer Mercurial. I find it much more intuitive than Git, especially if you are familiar with SVN.

    It's basically SVN with push+pull.

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