just a quick question?

This is a discussion on just a quick question? within the Tech Board forums, part of the Community Boards category; Does anybody know how Vi (Vim) creates the welcome screen, I wish to implement something similar into my application. thanks ...

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    just a quick question?

    Does anybody know how Vi (Vim) creates the welcome screen,

    I wish to implement something similar into my application.



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    What in the name of God does this have to do with C???

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    Since it is in fact the C board, we can assume his application is probably written in C. thus, one can assume he wants to do what Vim does in C.

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    Read the source and find out for yourself. Here is a list of mirrors.

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    Yeah, vim is written in C and uses ncurses. I would skip the source and just do the ncurses tutorial, I think that is what you want.
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