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  1. Looking for implementations of AI
  2. Scene / image recognition
  3. A*
  4. A good description of IDA* search
  5. Please add function alpha beta
  6. max element of list in prolog
  7. how do i program a guessing game?
  8. Interface with a ChatBot
  9. AI chat bot... C or C++?
  10. Logic Warz - Program your own Bot, battle other people's Bots
  11. Calculate unique value for any word
  12. insect mind
  13. CodeFest Virtual Combat - An educational game of programmed robotic tanks
  14. Algorithm for constant signal determination
  15. Writing use cases for AI systems question.
  16. Haskell startup?
  17. Random Sentence Generator
  18. Solves the XOR. Is it enough?
  19. Neural Network Ideas
  20. Help with programming my mobile robotic arm in C
  21. requirements before study AI
  22. Programming my first ANN, but got a few unanswered questions
  23. 5-in-a-row strategies
  24. PREDICATE( name, arity )
  25. Prolog code causing Access Violation error in VS2008
  26. Backtracking Problem
  27. C Language: Connect 4 AI-Min/Max Trees
  28. XPCE Prolog command causing error in VS2008 C++
  29. Interfacing C++ and Prolog to work out factorial
  30. C machine learning
  31. Martial A.I.
  32. AI Horizons Board Dead?
  33. tic tac toe AI algorithm?
  34. algorithm copyright
  35. Infinite game of life
  36. The Euclidean algorithm
  37. Evolution examples
  38. Simple BackPropagation Algorithm
  39. The Strips algorithm
  40. what language to learn for AI development and experiments
  41. Image Processing
  42. Object matching
  43. Object counting
  44. Perceptrons and AI
  45. video tracking in C
  46. a.i. program "hacker"
  47. neural nets input layer question
  48. Help me in computer vision
  49. Neural networks - am i doing this properly?
  50. Simple AI tutorial