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  1. Makefile data extraction
  2. Program to convert a seismic wave in a pdf format into numbers
  3. license-free lock-free data structure library updated
  4. Artificial Intelligence project.
  5. Forum application/program programming project (outsource) -- recruiting coders
  6. IRCd Update
  7. Connecting with C++ Programmers in the Los Angeles area
  8. Help us implement code (C programming) which calls controlling tasks ...
  9. C++ Programmers in the Los Angeles area
  10. PLACE library - Open-Source
  11. Screencaster (Capturing gameplay from videogames)
  12. Senior C++ Developer - Gameloft Madrid
  13. Looking for a C Developer to build a simple web based game.
  14. Programming group
  15. Seeking Former Ford Employees
  16. Job Offer- C developers
  17. [ROYALTY] Looking for Programmers
  18. Please, i need a programmer to make a dynamic fps limitter
  19. Beginners Programming Team
  20. Lead Programmer - MMO RPG
  21. C++ Developer NYC
  22. Any C coders interested in RPG games and/or game development?
  23. project
  24. What developer skills can build this eLearning platform?
  25. C/C++ Developers- apply now
  26. Developers- Apply Now
  27. C/C++ Developers- apply now
  28. libRay
  29. I have an idea for an app
  30. 3d Graphics Programming project opportunity
  31. Looking for a c++ developer to join our start up project
  32. FREE C lectures this month
  33. Do you want to be a developer in new growing team? Looking for Monogame developers.
  34. Python Developer - Gameloft Madrid
  35. Online Programmer (iOS games)
  36. Senior C++ Developer - Gameloft Madrid
  37. Contribution to Divine Warfare, an MMOARPG on top of Unreal Engine
  38. Windows System-Level Developer (Nashua, NH)
  39. New application for learning english vocabulary
  40. Mobile app for learning English language - suggestions wanted
  41. C/C++ programming in Cornwall, UK
  42. Mobile Games Programmer
  43. Online Game Developer - Gameloft Madrid
  44. Senior Software Developer in Tropical Paradise Thailand
  45. [London] Experienced C++ developer
  46. Gameloft Valencia (Spain) is recruiting a new VIDEO GAME DEVELOPER C++
  47. Software Engineers (GUI Development) wanted in San Jose & Toronto, Canada
  48. My game engine project
  49. This library makes drawing 2D stuff in C++ on windows ridiculously easy :)
  50. asparagus - natural language testing based on dejagnu/TCL