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  1. i need help with cmake, BISON and FLEX, i am willing to pay
  2. Rusty old programmer seeks help for small modification
  3. Jobs for C programmers in Pune. Excellent Salary.......... Hurry
  4. C++ email server to communicate with another programs C++ API
  5. Which is more marketable/desirable: C or C++?
  6. Bandello - We love indies
  7. Try the free C++ GUI library for your hobby project.
  8. Project - Paying $45 !!!
  9. EA needs C++ Engineers with expertise in OpenGL, Direct3D and Rendering
  10. EA jobs
  11. Project Help! Programmers Needed!!!
  12. I'm looking for projects in Western Europe (IT)
  13. Programmers needed
  14. Gaming League Hiring
  15. Looking for project sponsor
  16. Need good C programmer to make script
  17. C/C++ one month contract in Atlanta
  18. Technical Lead, Engineering Job Opening - Strong skills in C++ and/or Java are requir
  19. Looking for programmers to join up with.
  20. GTKMM developer required for a simple front-end application
  21. MIT-Licensed(*) App for iOS, MacOS, Win, cross platform, full C++ sources!
  22. Publishing company looking to partner with developers
  23. Programmer's Lab
  24. Technical Director - Gameloft Madrid
  25. 2D Game Programmer - Gameloft Madrid
  26. Gameloft (Auckland, NZ) - Technical Director
  27. Looking for C Programmer for work in Pasadena CA
  28. Seeking Programmers/Developers For The Sims Online Project
  29. Next Generation Gaming Service
  30. *Nix TCP Client/Server
  31. Any c++ programmers looking for a new project?
  32. [MMORPG] The Arcemu project is looking for more!
  33. Temp to full time C++ programmer needed ASAP
  34. Paypal is hiring C++ Programmers
  35. Multiple Jobs Avalable
  36. Serious question for job seekers here
  37. POSIX Programmer needed
  38. The sims Online restoration! HELP
  39. Game Developers Needed!
  40. OGS Mahjong 0.7
  41. Gameloft (Auckland, NZ) - Seeking Game Programmers!
  42. Need C Programmer to Program and assignment by tomorrow wed April 13
  43. C Software Engineer. 30-45k. Bristol, UK. EU-eligible applicants only
  44. HIRING!!! Software Developers
  45. Encryption Help
  46. Invitation for Open Source Project
  47. C++ programmer for creating a PDF Add-in
  48. MUD help needed - coders, please!
  49. MUD Development
  50. Virtual Combat : An extension of educational game -RoboCode. Prizes worth35,000 INR.