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  1. graprof - a profiling and trace analysis tool
  2. Looking for a ((( -- skilled -- ))) Sr.Software Engineer-White Plains,NY
  3. Looking for projects
  4. Are you looking for a job in the games industry?
  5. New DataBase in c language
  6. Interesting project for anyone interested!!! Will pay real money
  7. Introduction
  8. Help needed from a volunteer WEB/player DEVELOPER/programmer (Charity project)
  9. Extracting listeners sentiment from YouTube comments
  10. C++ Developer needed in Omaha
  11. Software Engineer C++
  12. Do you need C # professionals?
  13. C++ Low latency Engineer - Prop Desk New York - $ 130K Basic +
  14. Sr Software Developer-US Information Security Company
  15. Programmer Wanted - Someone Who Is Tired Of Nonsense
  16. Free Software MORPG that compiles and runs in need of contributors.
  17. Senion C programmer needed for Project ..
  18. Arduino Simulator using orwell dev cpp
  19. Animated video design is needed for my product: online billing system
  20. Any C#/ C++ strong developer interested in writing multi-choice questions for tests?
  21. Would anyone be interested in customizing putty from source for me ?
  22. Searching for a Contract Embedded Software Engineer
  23. Searching for an Embedded Software Engineer
  24. Proving your awesomeness as a developer
  25. Senior C++ Programmer / iOS games
  26. Need help creating an HTTP client program - will PayPal compensate the volunteer
  27. Senior java programmer - gameloft - madrid
  28. Technical director - gameloft - madrid
  29. Online developer - gameloft - madrid
  30. online image search engine project
  31. Hello Just check my site about Mmorpg , Biggest LIst of Mmorpg in the Internet 3d 2d
  32. Torn Banner Studios seeks Programmer for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
  33. Programming a series of patches onto a frame
  34. Arduino Simulator Open Source CPP Dev based, Free
  35. Software Developer C++ or Delphi, Darmstadt nr Frankfurt, Germany.
  36. Senior C++ Developers to 500k NY / DC / Chicago
  37. Project outbound looking for programmer
  38. Need to crypt the source code of Ufasoft Miner to make it undetectable
  39. need to find someone to decompile a 2kb file from my car dashboard
  40. Need C, C++,C# Programer to make a windows replacement shell Like BlackBox
  41. New release of FSBDIT is available.
  42. VaultMP (Vault-Tec Multiplayer mod) C++ developers and low-level debuggers.
  43. I'm looking for a C++ Developer
  44. sandbox
  45. [REQUEST] need a good coder/c++ user
  46. C/C++ jobs in the Czech Republic
  47. C++ Music Studio Program (unpaid - gain experience)
  48. LANchat
  49. Introduce my programming language & compiler
  50. Bid inquiry for tools to convert id DOOM wads from one format to another.