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  1. how to read from i2c device with 2 byte internal address register
  2. Packet Spoofing using Libnet (Issue)
  3. basic TCP client/server not sending file from virtual machine to host pc
  4. Do Transport Layer (TCP and UDP) reads/inspects IP headers (Src IP,Destination IP)?
  5. Get list of all network interfaces (also with MAC address) in C
  6. How to transfer audio data in real time?
  7. Content-Length with multipart/form-data;
  8. Basic Echo Server
  9. Gzip encoded data from HTTP
  10. Socket Identifier?
  11. How to get the content about protocol?
  12. FTP server trouble
  13. Email program
  14. How to make a UDP server socket with an ephemeral port.
  15. How to detect the server is disconnected....
  16. TCP/IP sockect programming software
  17. Problem with Winsock. connect() returning -1(error)
  18. Issue with multicast when socket isn't bound to INADDR_ANY
  19. Send() and Recv()
  20. ADSL Communication Module
  21. Problem Reading from console using select
  22. dual stack question
  23. How to transfer a big file only one time?
  24. client server program between two programs to talk with arduino interfaced with serve
  25. Writing to Devantech digital compass over I2C
  26. Dual stack implementation using a single socket
  27. How to solve this problem?
  28. best way to send files over socket
  29. server/client trouble yet again lol
  30. cliene send and recieve from server and vice versa
  31. IRC Client + DCC P2P File Transfer
  32. TCP Client problem while trying to multiplex stdin and scoket
  33. Tip on How to convert C++ code to kiel to use further in it for microcontrollers.
  34. help me please beginnner socket programming
  35. Sockaddress struct confusion
  36. UDP server/ client exchange bulletin
  37. C code along with server
  38. client/server practice (not homework, we'll make our own)
  39. Accessing my server from any other machine
  40. Looking for C source code or component for VonJacobson TCP/IP header compression
  41. Trying to understand format of old FTP connection using EBCDIC
  42. select server writes message twice then hangs
  43. computer 1 usb 1<====>usb 2 computer 2
  44. hi how to check my serial port is intrupt driver or poll driver?
  45. Network queston for users with mixed OS on their network...
  46. question about the "fd_set *writefds" parameter in the select() statement
  47. Best microcontroller for outputting pictures?
  48. problems compiling C with libcurl headerfile
  49. Access "LG RH177 DVD Recorder" Hard drive
  50. HTTP File Upload Libcurl