Project name:
Sixth Extinction

Brief description:
Demo for a modern military RTS game.

The focus of this demo is game play. How the interface functionality, unit control and probability systems lead to never-seen-before modern military RTS game play. There is no need to for the demo to be loaded with eye candy.

Target aim:
This demo will be used to gain a publishing deal to lead to full production.

Long-term team members will be welcome to join the final production team after a publisher picks up the game. Long-term team members that do not join the final production team will be compensated by a contractual agreement that will assure them a minimum dollar amount and a maximum based on percentage of work and the percentage of the initial figures of the final production budget. This will not be needed until some longevity of the demo project has been established.

I can only offer minimal support costs for programs needed, nothing based on hours of work or code/artwork created, this will be after some longevity of the demo project has been established.

Team members that offer a limited amount of useable material will be listed by name in all levels of the game credits. (Credible Experience)

After some progress has been achieved I will take a prospectus to some personally known potential investors, as well as game development agencies. This is by no means a sure thing. I will cover the costs of creating a prospectus.

Torque 1.4
Torque RTS Starter Kit
Studio Max

Talent needed:
Lead Programmer (someone that plans to share in leading this project with me)
C++ Coders
3D Studio Max Artists/Modelers

The most important member I need right now is someone that has been through this before, someone that, after studying the design, falls in love with the project and can make up for the talents I do no posses. (Lead Programmer)

Team structure:
Team began forming in May 2006

Currently there are three other members:
3 programmers, two are college graduates, one is currently in college

The team works from home, this is an online project, if a core number of members are in a single location I will relocate to that location.

I am the designer, physicist, mathematician, musician and web master for the game, I will learn what coding I can during the project.

Public information can be found here:
Information about me can be found on the Contact Page.
Two demo songs can be found at the bottom of the Contact Page.

chad (at) also on the Contact Page.

Additional Info:
Please review the Features listed on the Home Page.
Please review the Units Page: The tactical orders operate from a target set that prioritizes weapons and targets, and determine what finite-ammo-weapons will be used automatically. I have been working on this game design, off and on, for 8 years.

Chad Freseman