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    Welcome to the official Enraged Entertainment Recruitment Thread. Enraged Entertainment is an Indie Game Development team that is currently working on a first person shooter, Liberico. For the past 2 years, we have been working on this project, from the ground up. We have finally reached the pre-alpha stage, but we knew we need more developers to give us that extra push into the Alpha. If you have at least 2 years of experience using C++, and would like to work with a dedicated, and fun team, and you're willing to work un-paid (for now), then contact me, details are listed below.

    About Us:

    Enraged Entertainment was founded when Dual Labs, Shadow Tech Studios, and the RavenTale team decided to merge into one whole team. Our team is currently working on a project called Liberico, a FPS set in the year 2040. On top of that, our team consists of about 20 talented members. We're a team that wants to create the greatest game of all time, and to do this, we need as many skilled members that we can get. Sadly, we won't be able to pay you YET. But, we're a dedicated team and our current work proves it. We do not have time for people who want to learn, we need people who can make us what we need so we can create a solid game that can one day be known as one of the greatest games of all time.

    About Liberico:

    Liberico will be an FPS set in the year of 2040. We're currently working on getting to the Alpha stage of Liberico. The Alpha will introduce custom weapons, a unique game mode, a beautiful level design, and possibly character and weapon customization!

    Story of Liberico:

    Two brothers, Kane Grant and Joseph Grant, born in the year of 1996 and 2006, respectively. The day his younger brother was born, Kane began to feel jealousy and hatred towards him. The inequality within the Grant household later led Kane to leave home, abandon his family, and even change his name to Kane Reaver. His uncanny intellect brings in a hefty fund in scholarships towards his dream of going to university to study micro-mechanics and their use in psychology. He later attends and graduates from university, and begins his research.

    Because of his unfair treatment as a child, Kaneís worldview was spanly affected, causing him to believe that the world was a cruel and unfair place. In 2025, he developed an idea to spread balance and equality throughout the world. He planned to develop micro-mechanisms that would attach directly to the neural system of humans when taken in to the body. Once attached, the mechanisms would begin to take over the infected personís mind by extracting and re-programming their DNA. The infected individual would then be forced to follow the pre-programmed commands of the micro-mechanisms, which were controlled by Reaver. The effects of these micro-mechanisms were only effective on fully developed adults, making men and women under the age of 18-21 immune, depending on the bodily development speed of the affected individual.

    Once his design and theory for these machines was complete, Kane began his strategic takeover of the United States of America. He developed one full batch of 100 of these micro-mechanisms, and with them, infected the food supply of the White House, in Washington, D.C. With the President under his control, he sends these mechanisms into mass production.

    Within the next year, 80% of the residents of the U.S. have been infected. News of the events in America spread throughout the world, sending other countries into a state of panic. Surviving residents of the epidemic in the U.S. tried to flee from the country, but Reaver cut off most of the possible routes of escape, and all foreign countries closed their borders in fear of infection. Mass amounts of refugees began to flee south, into Texas and Mexico. All throughout the the U.S., Kane has massive headquarters and military garrisons set up in each state.

    In the year of 2031, Kane Reaver sent brainwashed American forces to Russia, carrying weapons loaded with bullets that contained micro-mechanisms. To prevent nuclear fallout, Russia chooses to defend itself rather than bomb Reaver. Europe and Asia are thrust into the conflict as Reaverís forces begin invading them as well, and they join forces with Russia in a war to defeat Reaver. The war efforts became futile for the armies sent against Reaver, as none of their soldiers were actually killed in the fight, they were simply infected, and unintentionally left to join the ranks of Kaneís army. Despite the millions of soldiers sent against him, by the year 2033, he had the Soviet Armed Forces under his command, and the government of the Russian Federation dissolved. He then built his main base of operations in Russia, a massive fortress hidden deep within the Ural Mountains.

    Early in the year 2032, many headquarters in the southern United States were infiltrated and taken over by a group of rebels. The news of their heroic actions spread across the globe, spurring on a massive rebellion against Kane Reaver. This rebellion soon became known as ďLiberico."



    A rebellion that was founded in the southern areas of the United States. This rebellion later migrates to other parts of the world, forming a faction composed of multiple countries. They fight for freedom and the rights of Man. The leader of Liberico is unity itself. In order to fight against the uprising, people around the world, both men and women, must join together and fight against their people that they knew and once loved.

    KRM (Kane Reavers Military)

    Commanded by Kane Reaver himself, the goal of KRM is to literally hold the world captive and to spread equality and balance throughout the 7 continents. This faction was founded when Kane Reaver developed a micro-mechanical virus that wipes out the victim's memory, and extracts new data within the victims mind, causing the victim to become a brainwashed lackee that follows the command of only 1 man: Kane Reaver.

    Contact Us:

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