using su with pseudo terminal

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    using su with pseudo terminal


    I am trying to automate a call to su. Unfortunately, su requires input from a terminal. I have seen examples of how to create a pseudo terminal and I understand that su will accept input from these:

      int    fdm, fds;
      char   *slavename;
      extern char *ptsname();
      fdm = open("/dev/ptmx", O_RDWR);
      slavename = ptsname(fdm);
      fds = open(slavename, O_RDWR);
    (This is just from a man page I found)

    From the man page of ptmx:
    Pseudo-terminals can also be used to send input to programs that normally refuse to read input from pipes (such as su(8), and
    Does anyone have a good example of how to create and use the pseudo terminals for automating a call to su?


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    You are 99% of the way there already. Now, you just need to fork(), then dup() the slave fd to descriptors 0 and 1 (stdin and stdout), and possibly stderr as well, then exec() the su program. If you choose not to dup descriptor 2, you should close it anyway.

    pid = fork();
    if(pid == 0)
        dup(fds); /* stderr also goes here */
        exec("su" etc etc);
    /* Master read/write code goes in the parent */

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    Linux question, nothing to do with networking. Moved.
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