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    Just a quicky....

    I have Lemmings on WinXp and as I have the MSVC++ compiler installed I can "sort of" view the source code for one of the files

    My question is was lemmings coded in BASIC or C?]

    One of the code lines I could reconsise was this:

    #new sub LEM
    #end sub
    looks like BASIC, what do you think?

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    I can tell you it isn't C...
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    As far as i know, it doesn't look like basic nor C to me.
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    I'm sure the core code is in C. Whether or not you are interpreting the symbols correctly or not is anyone's guess. Most likely you are looking at the script for a level rather than the source code for the game engine that runs the levels.

    Besides if you could view the source it would be in binary object code format and it still would not look like C. Once you compile it, it will never get back to C - ever.

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    I think Bubba is right. It looks like a level script. The best you would get is a decompiled binary which is just really ugly assembly code.

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    you can convert binary back to C, it just will be terribly uneffcient, resemble nothing it once was, and take for ever to do.

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