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    im just curious.. what is the purpose of an engine in a game? .. i have an idea but would like to hear how everyone else in the world does it.


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    A game would actually have more than one support engine that
    make up the actual game engine. An engine is basically a

    You would have a graphics engine that would include functions
    for loading your graphics, manipulating them to suit your needs
    (setting transparencies/rotating/etc.), blitting them to the screen
    (in 2d) and then cleaning up the graphic objects/memory on
    completion. Your sound engine would have functions to load your
    sounds, manipulate them (panning/volume/freq/etc), play them
    and clean up at the end.

    You would (and this is not definitive) have these basic engines:

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    so - basically i'd be making the driver a loop and have the engines handle the real work, right?

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    Put it this way, it's like owning a business. You get specialists(engines) who are good at doing a specific thing (music, script, etc...) and that's basically the meaning of an engine
    *putted in a little example of course*

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    As soon as you make your first game (a basic one at that) you will have a much clearer picture of it all, trust me.

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