Question about ifstreams efficiency

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    Question about ifstreams efficiency


    I want to make a scripting system that reads from a txt file and acording to that file's contents it changes the behavior of the object.

    I have the system worked out in my mind but i need to know, for the sake of efficiency, how am i suposed to do this?

    I was thinking about having an ifstream object inside all my classes objects, and then i could read that file every time the game loop repeated, but i dont know if this is efficient or if it will make my game slow at some point.

    so help me here, are fstreams efficient enought to read/write from them during the execution of a program like a game??

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    That depends what your game does. Reading a lot of text files will not work well in a "game loop" that needs to refresh high resolution scenery in a manner that makes movement look life-like. But you will probably get away with it in simple games like tetris (which involves small objects that aren't rendered all that often).

    Any form of file I/O is inherently reliant on the performance of the device the file is stored on. It doesn't matter whether you use C++ streams, C I/O functions, or I/O functions that are specific to your operating system. Even with advanced caching of modern hard drives, it takes significantly longer (as in orders of magnitude) to read data from a hard drive than to read the same data from RAM (assuming it is already resident in RAM).
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    Scripts are normally 'compiled' into engine specific data structures and then these structures are 'executed' by the script system. I would not recommend real-time parsing of scripts unless you are using Lua or some other language interpreter that is known to be quite fast.

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