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    Where do I go to get a simple graphics library?
    thanks in advance

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    You could write one. All graphic libraries start from three graphic primitives-- the dot (pixel), the line, and the arc (curves, circles, and elipses).

    All of which are simple to create yourself. If you want to roll your own, look for 'Bresenhem' line or circle algorithms.


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    Try allegro.
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    that never works

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    allegro or openGL or DirectX. Never used Allegro, but it looks pretty good for its simplicity, openGL and DX are more powerful, but more complicated

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    openGL and DX are more powerful
    Er, well, kinda kinda not. Allegro is just a wrapper lib, which means it puts DX and GL in a nice neat easy to port package. But it is still DX and GL at the heart, so no performance loss or anything..
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