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    I'm new to C++ working on my second project. I'm working on a project that will begin with a list of items which the user is asked to pick from. Once the user enters the option, the screen is cleared and we begin a new screen. How does this work? Thanks for your replies.


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    int var, choice;
      {case 1:
         //function one call
          cout<<"Bad Choice, input again.";

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    The easiest way would be to print the available options, accompanied by a number (cout<<"1. First option \n2. Second option etc." << endl;
    then ask for a choice from the user. There are different ways of doing this, you could get an input to an int, but the program would fail if you input a char, so I would take the input as a char, then when you need to use the input do something like this:

    char choice;

    cout << "Enter your choice";
    cin >> choice;
    while( choice != 49 || choice !=50 )
    cout << "Input was invalid, enter your choice again";
    cin >> choice;
    switch (choice)
    case 49://49 is 1 in ASCII
    //add code for the first choice here

    case 50:
    //second choice

    cout << "The program should stop anything except a valid input getting to here, so this should never be seen" << endl;

    There are 'better' ways but as a beginner I found the above method relatively error proof and easy to understand.

    Clearing the screen is a little bit more complicated. If you are using borland or another dos compiler #include<conio.h> and just call clrscr(); whenever you want to clear. If not this is the MSVC equivalent:

    #include <windows.h>

    void clrscr()
    COORD coordScreen = { 0, 0 };
    DWORD cCharsWritten;
    DWORD dwConSize;
    HANDLE hConsole = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);

    GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(hConsole, &csbi);
    dwConSize = csbi.dwSize.X * csbi.dwSize.Y;
    FillConsoleOutputCharacter(hConsole, TEXT(' '), dwConSize, coordScreen, &cCharsWritten);
    GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(hConsole, &csbi);
    FillConsoleOutputAttribute(hConsole, csbi.wAttributes, dwConSize, coordScreen, &cCharsWritten);
    SetConsoleCursorPosition(hConsole, coordScreen);

    then call clrscr();, that's taken from the FAQ on this site, there are som eother methods there too if neither work.

    I havent tried any of this yet so there might be a few errors, I havent done pure c++ for a while
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