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    Linker Error! Oh No!

    OK heres the deal see, I'm playing around with C++'s rand functions n' such, When I decide I want to make a dice rolling sim. here is what I have:

     *          Die Roll Simulator           **
     *     Coded by Seth Collins             **
     *   Made to provide random numbers as   ** 
     *    Quickly and efficeintly as dice    **
    /* Includes: iostream, ctime, windows.h, cstdlib, time.h */
    #include <iostream>
     #include <ctime>
      #include <windows.h>
       #include <cstdlib>
        #include <time.h>
    /* Namespace: STD standard */
    using namespace std;
    /* Variables:
     * iSides = integer, reprisents number of sides on die
     * iNumbr = integer, represents number of dice
     * iTotal = integer, total after rolled dice are added togather
    int iSides;
    int iNumbr;
    int iTotal;
    /*RandInt Function
     *creates RandInt funct for easy reading
    int RandInt(int a, int b){
        return a + rand() % (b - a + 1);
    /* d4 Function
     * This defines the four sided die
    int d4(int iNumbr){
        for ( true;iNumbr;iNumbr--){
                        iTotal += RandInt(1,4);
    /* d6 Function
     * This defines the six sided die
    int d6(int iNumbr){
                        iTotal += RandInt(1,6);
    /* d8 Function
     * This defines the eight sided die
    int d8(int iNumbr){
                        iTotal += RandInt(1,8);
    /* d10 Function
     * This defines the ten sided die
    int d10(int iNumbr){
                        iTotal += RandInt(1,10);
    /* d12 Function
     * This defines the twelve sided die
    int d12(int iNumbr){
                        iTotal += RandInt(1,12);
    /* d20 Function
     * This defines the twenty sided die
    int d20(int iNumbr){
                        iTotal += RandInt(1,20);
     /* Main Function 
      * In the sceme of things this Fuction is merely a moderator
      * no matter how puney, it ties the other functions togather
    int Main(int iSides, int iTotal, int iNumbr){
        cout << " \n  Dice Roller v1.!\n::::::::::::::::::::"   //Title and version
            << "\n:::::How many dice are you going to Roll? "; //prompt # o' dice
        cin >> iNumbr;    // input variable iNumbr
        do{              // do{}while() loop
              cout <<"\n:::::Alright! How many sides are on the dice?"//prompt sides
                 << " 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20? ";                     //options
              cin >> iSides;                                        //input iSides
              if(iSides != 4 || iSides != 6 || iSides != 8 || iSides != 10  //if
                    || iSides != 12 || iSides != 20){                      //user
                              cout << "What? 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20! \n"; //tamer
              }else{            //else conditional for good users
                    break;     //break loop
              }               //
       }while(true);         //
    I keep getting a Linker Error, like the one below :::

    [Linker error] undefined reference to 'WinMain@16'
    Id returned 1 exit status
    Whats going on!!! ;_;

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    You need to compile as a console app, not a Windows app.

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    You need a function called main that specifies a return value of int. You have a function called Main. Case matters, so the linker cannot find main when you only have Main.

    Also, the proper parameters for main are either none or int, char**. So I'd change it to this:
    int main()
      // code here
    You use the parameters int iSides, int iTotal, int iNumbr, as if they were local variables. Those should be local variables in main, not function parameters.

    >> You need to compile as a console app, not a Windows app.
    This might be the problem, but I think the same error appears either way if you fail to provide an actual main.
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    By the way, do you notice any similarity in your d* functions that can be exploited?
    All the buzzt!

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    You also call srand() WAY too many times. Enough times to ensure rand() returns the same value each time.

    Once is enough, right at the start of main().
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