Help with stream processing (newbie hashfile)

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    Help with stream processing (newbie hashfile)

    Both the primary and the overflow text files contain fixed-length records. The record structure is: DEL SSN FirstName LastName Pointer
    SSN is the primary key of the file.
    DEL: an integer, 0: living record slot; 1: deleted/dead record slot; 2: virgin record slot
    SSN: a string with 9 digits in the form: 111111111
    FirstName: a string of 10 characters
    LastName: a string of 20 characters
    Pointer: a long integer, it is the byte offset of the next record slot on the overflow chain

    Here is what a primary file with only one record would look like
    0 111444550 bob        marley               -1
    2 000000000 *          *                    -1
    And this is my current code (edited down a bit for readability). I have colored some of the sticky parts in red. I've also attached my .cpp file.

    Any advice would be appreciated. For any questions, please IM gozulin on AIM or gozu at "hotmail" +"." + "com"

    Thanks for your time.

    #include <cstdio>
    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <string>
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    using namespace std;
    #define recordsize 50
    bool createFile();
    int H(string SSN);
    int menu();
    int main(void)
    	struct record
    		int DEL;
    		string FirstName;
    		string LastName;
    		string SSN;
    		long int PTR; 
    	int i (0);
    	int choice (0);
    	long int hashptr (0); 
    	long int overptr (0);
    	long int trailptr (0);
    	bool duplicate (0);
    	bool OverflowUsed (0);
    	bool FirstOverflow (1);
    	char confirm = 'n';
    	string hashfile = "hashprimary.txt";
    	string overfile = "hashoverflow.txt";
    	record blank = {2,"*","*","000000000",-1};
    	record ProcessedRecord = {0,"*","*","000000000",-1};
    	record rec = {0,"*","*","000000000",-1};
    	fstream hashstream;; //open the file without creating it 
    	if(!hashstream) //create file if doesn't exist
    		cout<<"No hashfile with that name was found. A new file will be created."<<endl;
    		if (!createFile())
    			cout<<"Error creating blank files"<<endl;
    			cout<<"Files initialized and created successfully"<<endl;
    	fstream overstream(overfile.c_str()); //create overflow file
    		int choice = menu();
    		if (1<=choice && 4>choice)
    			cout<<"please enter the SSN number associated with the record.\n";
    			getline(cin, rec.SSN); //the SSN number is used as a key
    		if (choice == 1) //Adding a record
    			cout<<"Please enter first name: ";
    			getline(cin, rec.FirstName);
    			cout<<"Please enter Last name: ";
    			getline(cin, rec.LastName);
    			cout<<"Attempting to add record...\n";
    		else if (choice == 2)
    			cout<<"\nAttempting to delete record...\n";
    		else if (choice == 3)
    			cout<<"\n searching for record...\n ";
    		hashptr = H(rec.SSN) * recordsize * 2; //calculate the offset where to store the record based on the H() function (simple mod 10) 
    		hashstream.seekg (hashptr, ios::beg);//goes to beginning of file
    		hashstream>>ProcessedRecord.DEL;//Reads the variables from the stream and writes them to struct (Problem?)
    		for (i=0;i<31;i++)
    			hashstream.ignore();//ignores first and last name values
    		cout<<"DEL is: "<<ProcessedRecord.DEL<<endl;
    		cout<<"PTR is: "<<ProcessedRecord.PTR<<endl;[/color]
    		if (ProcessedRecord.SSN == rec.SSN)//Duplicate record detected
    			duplicate = true;
    		if (ProcessedRecord.DEL == 0 && !duplicate)//live record already present at that location
    			hashptr = hashptr + recordsize;//jumps to the second record in the bucket and repeats
    			hashstream.seekg (hashptr, ios::cur);
    			for (i=0;i<31;i++)
    			cout<<"DEL is: "<<ProcessedRecord.DEL<<endl;
    			cout<<"PTR is: "<<ProcessedRecord.PTR<<endl;
    			duplicate = (ProcessedRecord.SSN == rec.SSN);
    			overptr = ProcessedRecord.PTR;
    			if ((ProcessedRecord.DEL == 0 && !duplicate))//live record found in 2nd (and last) bucket, time for some overflow file action!
    				OverflowUsed = true;
    				while (!EOF && overptr != -1 && !duplicate)//keep seeking any records on the overflow chain (a -1 PTR means the chain is over)
    					overstream.seekg(overptr, ios::beg);
    					for (i=0;i<31;i++)
    					cout<<"DEL is: "<<ProcessedRecord.DEL<<endl;
    					overstream>>ProcessedRecord.PTR;//Points to the next record on overflow chain
    					cout<<"PTR is: "<<ProcessedRecord.PTR<<endl;
    					overptr = ProcessedRecord.PTR;//
    					trailptr = overstream.tellg();
    					duplicate = ProcessedRecord.SSN == rec.SSN;//live record found with unique SSN
    				if (!duplicate && choice == 1)//This adds a new record at the end of the overflow file
    					overstream.seekp(0, ios::end);
    					overptr = overstream.tellp();
    					overstream<<"0 "<<rec.SSN<<" "<<rec.FirstName;
    					for(i=(rec.FirstName).length(); i<=11; i++)
    						overstream<<' ';
    					for(i= ((rec.LastName).length()); i<=21; i++)
    						overstream<<' ';
    					hashstream.seekg(-6,ios::cur);//jumps to PTR position in the last record accessed
    					hashstream<<overptr;//overwrites the PTR integer to the offset of the record just written to the overflow file.
    					overstream.seekp(trailptr, ios::beg);
    					overstream.seekp(-6,ios::cur);//overwrites the PTR integer to the offset of the next record in the chain
    					cout<<"The record was inserted successfully in the overflow file"<<endl;
    		if (duplicate)//record found with the SSN key
    			cout<<"This following record exists with that SSN: "<<endl;
    			cout<<"SSN: "<<ProcessedRecord.SSN<<endl;
    			cout<<"FirstName: "<<ProcessedRecord.FirstName<<endl;
    			cout<<"LastName: "<<ProcessedRecord.LastName<<endl<<endl;
    		if (choice == 1)
    			if (duplicate)//gives the user the option to overwrite the old record
    					cout<<"Overwrite the record? type 'y' for YES and 'n' for NO: ";
    			if (confirm == 'y' || 'Y' || !duplicate)
    				hashstream<<"0 "<<rec.SSN<<" "<<rec.FirstName;
    				for(i=(rec.FirstName).length(); i<=11; i++)
    					hashstream<<' ';
    				for(i=(rec.LastName).length(); i<=21; i++)
    					hashstream<<' ';
    				cout<<"The record was inserted successfully in the primary file.\n\n";
    				cout<<"You did not press the 'y' key, operation cancelled. No changes were made.\n\n";
    		else if (choice == 2)//marks the record as deletable by overwriting the DEL integer with 1
    			if (OverflowUsed)
    					OverflowUsed = 0;
    			cout<<"\nThe record has been successfully deleted.\n\n";
    		else if (choice != 3)
    			cout<<"You did not select a valid option number. Please try again.\n\n";
    		}while(choice != 4);
    		return 0;}
    int H(string SSN)
    	return (atol(SSN.c_str()) % 10);
    int menu()
    	int choice (3);
    	cout<<"press 1 to add a record\n";
    	cout<<"press 2 to delete a record\n";
    	cout<<"press 3 to find a record\n";
    	cout<<"press 4 to exit the program\n";
    	cout<<"User selection: ";
    	return choice;
    bool createFile()
    	long int Pointer (-1);
    	ofstream hashstream;"hashprimary.txt");
    	for(int i=0;i<20;i++)
    		hashstream<<2<<" 000000000 *          *                    "<<Pointer<<"\n";
    	ofstream overstream;"hashoverflow.txt");
    	return true;

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    Avoid using
    #define recordsize 50
    in C++ use
     const <type> recordsize 50;

    Should be
    to check for errors.
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    Your main() needs to go on a serious diet, it's too bloated.

    if (choice == 1) {
    All the code for adding records should be in a suitably named function, passed suitable parameters.

    > while (!EOF && overptr != -1 && !duplicate)
    EOF is not the same as eof().
    Also, consult the FAQ about using eof() anyway.

    > if (confirm == 'y' || 'Y' || !duplicate)
    This doesn't do what you think either. It's always true, since it is
    if (confirm == 'y' || 'Y' != 0 || !duplicate)

    The indentation needs work as well, since it seems to randomly move between 4 and 8 spaces.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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