need Help in Mouse Pointer

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    need Help in Mouse Pointer

    Hi everybody,
    i wanna enable concole mouse point in BGI GRAPHIC , i need urs Help ,
    if u know how to Enable Mouse In C++ ( BGI GRAPHIC ) then reply me plz!

    i hv also a code of mouse pointer , BUT i can't understand This code ,
    No Error In Code.

    void showptr();
    void restrictptr(int,int,int,int);
    void getmpos(int*,int*,int*);
    int initmouse();
    void setmpos(int,int);
    void hideptr();
    class mouse
              union REGS i,o;
             struct SREGS s;
    /************* Initialize Mouse ********************/
    int initmouse()
       return (;
    /************* Display Pointer *********************/
    void showptr()
    /************* Restrict Mouse Movement *************/
    void restrictptr(int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2)
    /********** Get Mouse Position ***************/
    void getmpos(int *button,int *xx,int *yy)
    /********** Set Pointer Position **************/
    void setmpos(int xx,int yy)
    /***************HIDE MOUSE *********************/
    void hideptr()
    // end mouse class

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    No Error In Code.
    Are you saying that you can compile it without errors?

    What exactly is the problem? Do you get an error when you run it? Does it ignore the mouse?

    I'm guessing, but I have a feeling this is not going to run on a modern 32-bit system. You probably have to run under 16-bit DOS...

    EDIT -
    If you need to use the mouse in a Windows Console application, check-out the MSDN Console Reference. The techniques & funcions described at MSDN should work with any modern Windows compiler/system.

    If you are a beginner, I strongly recommend that you learn ANSI/ISO Standard C++ first. (no mouse, graphics, color, or sound). Once you're comfortable with Standard C++, learn full-blown Windows programming, if you want/need to use a mouse.
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    For example, this:
    Hint: o-o-outdated, and not supported in even most modern compilers. It should be:
    #include <iostream>
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    That is a 16bit dos library. As manutd said, learn thr basics before moving into advanced topics
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