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    > Thanks but I already got it to work.
    Care to share?
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    Sorry I thought nobody wanted to see my crummy code.

    I narrowed it down to only three columns to search for. Other were nonsense anyway.

    Look and be amazed!
    (translated for easier undestanding)

    void CVaja6ListControlDlg::OnBtnFind() 
    	// clean the list of previously selected items
    	int i=0;
    		m_cMyList.SetItemState(i, 0, LVIS_SELECTED); 
    	CString readName;
    	CString readSurname;
    	CString readAge;
    	int numberChecks=3; // let's say all three check boxes were selected
    	// then we substract 1 if it was not checked 
    	// if not checked we set some nonsense so there won't be a hit
    		{ m_name="ihopeyoudidntinputthis"; numberChecks--; }  
    		{ m_surname="ihopeyoudidntinputthis"; numberChecks--; }
    		{ m_age=9545; numberChecks--; }
    	// if no checboxes were checked we exit otherwise everything will be a hit
    	if(numberChecks==0) { return; } 
    	int hits; // number of hits, if this equals numberChecks we have a complete hit
    	m_cMyList.SetFocus(); // focus on listctrl so we can select
    		readName = m_cMyList.GetItemText(i,0);	// read from CListCtrl
    		readSurname = m_cMyList.GetItemText(i,1);
    		readAge = m_cMyList.GetItemText(i,2);
    		// compare what we read from CListCtrl with what was put into the edit boxes to search for
    			{ hits++; }
    			{ hits++; }
    		CString strStarost;
    		strStarost.Format("%i", m_age);	
    			{ hits++; }
    		if(numberChecks==hits) // if we have a complete hit
    			m_cMyList.SetItemState(i, LVIS_SELECTED, 0xFF);
    	// here I should scrool the list down to the last record found, but how??
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