using << operator

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    using << operator


    I have a pointer to an ofstream object, and I am trying to use it to write to a file using the << operator, but it wont work. Here is the code I am using:

    // in header file
    ofstream* logfile;
    // in cpp file
    logfile = new ofstream("logfile.txt")
    *logfile << "logging enabled\n";
    But it doesnt work. The file has been created but it wont write anything to it. Is there sonething obvious I am doing wrong??

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    I'm really bad with pointers, but...

    Try using

    So you're writing to the adress of the pointer rather then the pointer object?

    Or try simply,
     logfile << ofstream
    Once again, I'm no good shot at pointers, so I may be totaly off-track.
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    I would think that the file is not closed properly. Did you delete logfile ?


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    The problem was that the file was not being closed in the program.

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    Which is why you should allocate such things as files either on the stack, or use a smart pointer for them. (Actually, you should use smart pointers for nearly every dynamic allocation.)
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    Do you really need a pointer to an ofstream object? You could create an ofstream object, and then use its open() member function at some later point, after all.
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