Weird Output when I compile?

This is a discussion on Weird Output when I compile? within the C++ Programming forums, part of the General Programming Boards category; HOw come I am getting some weird output when I go and compile it? Code: int main() { char c, ...

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    Weird Output when I compile?

    HOw come I am getting some weird output when I go and compile it?
    int main()
    	char c, ch, ch1, ch2;
    	string word;
    	string word1;
    	//char word[50];
    	//char word1[25];
    	int length, i, next_guess, num_letters, m, x;
    		cout<<"\t******************* PrOgRaMmInG VoCaB GuEsSeR ********************\n";
    		cout<<"\n\t(S) Start the Game\n\n\t(Q) Quit\n\n\n\t Enter your choice: ";
    		cin>> ch2;
    		}while	(ch2 != 's' && ch2 != 'S' && ch2 != 'Q' && ch2 != 'q');
    	if	(ch2 == 'Q' || ch2=='q')  exit (0);
    	if	(ch2 == 's' || ch2=='S')
    		ifstream fin("words.txt");
    		if	(!fin)
    		cout<<"\n\nYou are missing a file called words.txt\n\n"; 
    		return 0;
    		for (i=0;!fin.eof();i++)   
    		getline(fin, word);//fin.getline(word,25);
    		}while(x>i || x<0);
    		ifstream finn("words.txt");
    		for (i=0;!finn.eof();i++)
    		{finn>>c; getline(finn,word)/*finn.getline(word,25)*/; if (x==i) break;}
    	if	(ch2 == 'S' || ch2=='s')
    		length = word.length(); /*length=strlen(word);*/			//Computes the length of the string
    		char choosen[50]="\0";
    	for	(i=0; i<=24; i++)
    		if (word[i]=='\0') {word1[i]='\0'; break;}
    		if (word[i]==' ')  {word1[i]=' ';  num_letters++;}
    		if (word[i]!=' ')  word1[i]='-';
    	next_guess=length+2-num_letters;     //Number of Guesses Left
    		definition:  define_word(c);
    		if (m!=0)  cout<<"\n\n\t\t\tChoosen letters : "<<choosen<<"\n";
    		cout<<"\n\n\n\t\t\t      "<<word1;
    		cout<<"\n\n\n\tYou have "<<next_guess<< " guesses left, choose a letter : ";
    		cin>>ch; cin.get();
    		for (i=0;i<25;i++) 
    		if (choosen[i]==ch) 
    		cout<<"You have choosen "<< ch <<" already!!\n"; goto definition;
    		choosen [m]=ch; 
    		choosen [m+1]=',';
    		for (i=0;i<=49;i++)    
    		if (word[i]==ch || word[i]==ch+32 || word[i]==ch-32) word1[i]=ch;
    		if (word==word1)//(!strcmpi (word1,word)) 
    			cout<<"\n\t\t\t      "<<word;//strupr(word);
    			cout<<"\n\n\t\t\tCongratulations, You have won!\n"; 
    	}while(next_guess>0 || word==word1/*!strcmpi (word1,word)*/);
    		if (word1==word)/*(strcmpi (word1,word)) */ 
    		cout<<"\n\tBETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.\n\n\tTHE WORD IS : "<</*strupr*//*(*/word/*)*/<<endl;
    	cout<<"\nWould you like to play again? [Y or N] : ";
    	cin>>ch1;  cin.get();
    	}while (ch1=='y' || ch1=='Y');
    		return 0;

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    What's the weird output?

    BTW, word1[i]='\0' is wrong. The string type starts empty. You cannot access any characters of an empty string. This might lead to a crash, or weird output or just an incorrect answer some of the time. If you want to add a space to the string, use +=. Also, the C++ string class doesn't have a null terminator. It doesn't need one because it keeps track of its own length. You'll have to rethink some of the code you are using so that it works with the C++ string class.

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    Maybe you need some header files, like <iostream> and <string>.

    And <cstdlib>, for system().

    BTW, string==string isn't the same as stricmp(), it's the same as strcmp().
    if (word1==word)/*(strcmpi (word1,word)) */

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    > HOw come I am getting some weird output when I go and compile it?
    Dunno - you only posted the weird input to the compiler, not the wierd output.

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