window has to close error

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    window has to close error

    I get a windows error message saying the proces has to end with this code:

    void SendFile()
    	LPOVERLAPPED overlapped;
    	overlapped->Offset = 0;
    	buffers->Head = "File";
    	buffers->HeadLength = sizeof("File");
    	MessageBox(NULL, "sdfds", "sdfsd", MB_OK);
    	HANDLE file = CreateFile("C:/Documents and Settings/Alex/Desktop/", GENERIC_READ, FILE_SHARE_READ, NULL, OPEN_EXISTING, FILE_FLAG_SEQUENTIAL_SCAN, NULL);
    	if (file == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
    		ApendText(textbox_status, "Error opening file");
    		ApendText(textbox_status, GetLastError());
    	if (TransmitFile(main_socket, file, NULL, NULL, NULL/*overlapped*/, buffers, NULL))
    		ApendText(textbox_status, "Transmiting file");
    		ApendText(textbox_status, "Error transmiting file");
    		ApendText(textbox_status, WSAGetLastError());
    I figured out the error is when I declare LPTRANSMIT_FILE_BUFFERS buffers and try to fill it. I'm completely loss on how this is done, if I use . instead of-> I get error during compilertion.

    If you need more info please ask.

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    Generally, when windows functions want a pointer as a parameter, you pass a reference to an object. So instead of using a pointer:
    buffers.Head = "File";
    buffers.HeadLength = sizeof("File");
    TransmitFile(main_socket, file, NULL, NULL, NULL/*overlapped*/, &buffers, NULL)
    I can't guaruntee the rest of your code is right, though (never used TransmitFile)
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    You could also allocate memory for your LPTRANSMIT_FILE_BUFFERS. This way, it points to availible space, which you can then assign to the appropriate variables. Then you just pass the pointer. This is an unecessary wierd way however. It's probably better just creating the regular local variable, and then passing the reference as JaWiB said.

    	TransmitFile(.., buffers, ...)

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