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    Hi, I have a few questions about this matrix "table"
    I can't find any wrong in it
    but errors keeps appear
    C2057 expected constant expression
    C2466 cannot allocate an array of constant size 0
    C2087: 'table' : missing subscript
    C2133: 'table' : unknown size

    here's the code
    thanks for helping

    int lcs(string str1, string str2, string & sequence) {
        int rows=str1.length() + 1, cols=str2.length() + 1, position, seqLength;
        int table[rows][cols];
        int i, j;
    int main() {
        string inp, first, second, outp;
        int seqlen;
        getline(cin, inp);
        first = stripBlanks(inp);
        getline(cin, inp);
        second = stripBlanks(inp);
        seqlen = lcs(first, second, outp);

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    Seems that rows and cols are no constants.

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    You can not initialize arrays (matrix is multiple arrays) with non-constant variables (that is, the program can not decide at run-time).
    However, if you want to be able for the program to decide the size of the arrays you can use pointers.

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