Thread: Multiple Owner Drawn buttons

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    Multiple Owner Drawn buttons

    ok, i'm a C++ noob trying to put owner drawn buttons on a regioned, skinned window. so far i'm trying to accomplish this by following the msdn info here but it says, "You would typically use the wParam parameter of the WM_DRAWITEM message to identify the control; in this example, only one control is assumed."

    only problem is, i have no idea how to use the wParam parameter.

    any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. thanks

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    post in the windows forum.

    wParam contains two things, I dont know which one you will need to access. But you access them by doing this...

    LOWORD (wParam);
    HIWORD (wParam);

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    thanks for the reply. i'll repost in the windows area, sorry for posting in the wrong area.

    at least i know more now than i did anyway. thanks!

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