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This is a discussion on Election program within the C++ Programming forums, part of the General Programming Boards category; That is probably because some of the braces are wrong place or is just missing!...

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    That is probably because some of the braces are wrong place or is just missing!

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    while(inFile2 >> name1)
     inFile2 >> name2;
     inFile2 >> numRegion;
     inFile2 >> numVotes;
     //now find name1 or name2 (whichever you want to use as the comparison) 
     //now increment the total votes for the candidate by what's in the numVotes variable. 
     cout << "entire file read in without problem" << endl;
     cout << "error reading file somewhere." << endl;
    now when the loop ends you will know all result have been read in or if something else terminated the loop. If successful end of file reading then the candidates can be sorted by total votes and a winner declared. 
    if(namCan == Two.lastName)
      { //I suspect this brace isn't needed, but I haven't actually copied all your code and mathced up each of the brackets

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