Send and receive through serial Port

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    Send and receive through serial Port

    I`m trying to read Hexnumbers of a text file, bytewise, and send them through a serial port, one after the other. with the same routine I want to receive a message.

    The following routine works, reading out the textfile and sending it, but I cant get it to receive.
    I also dont understand how it works, it goes through the serialport setup sequence every time and also closes the port after each sent letter.
    Despite all that, the terminal that I`m sending the numbers to , reads them correctly.
    That`s not the case when I only place the WriteFile() func. in the loop.
    Can anyone maybe straighten out my code?
    Working code, but doesn`t receive:
    int main()
    DCB dcb;
    HANDLE hCom;
    DWORD dwError;
    DWORD dwWritten;
    BOOL fSuccess;
    int rows;  
    int i=0,j=0;
    int x[28];
    char buff[8]; //  BUFSIZE
    unsigned char Msg[128], Data;
    FILE *HexCode;
    HexCode=fopen("hex.txt","r");  //reads hex.txt
    //---------------reading first collumb of text file-------------------------------------
      while(i<zeilanz && fgets(buff,sizeof(buff),HexCode)!=NULL )
        if (sscanf(&buff[0],"%x",&x[i])==1){
          // printf("sscanf=%d  i=%d x=%x\n", sscanf(buff, "%x", &x[i]), i, x[i]);
    //------------------  x[] is available  ---------------------------------
       for(j=0;j<4;j++) //  and will be sent through WritwFile()
       // cout<<"j="<<j<<" x="<<x[j]<<"\n";
    //Buffert erst ab hier
    if ( hCom == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE ) // If COMM port can't be opened, then ...
        dwError = GetLastError();  // Display error code, and abort.
        FormatMessage( FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM, 0, dwError, 0, (char *)Msg, 124, 0 );
        printf("Cannot Open Port COM1 !\nError Code: %d, - %s.\n", dwError, Msg );
        return 1;
    fSuccess = GetCommState(hCom, &dcb);
    fSuccess=SetCommState(hCom, &dcb);
    //---------------------- Sendfunc -----------------------------------------
    WriteFile(hCom, &x[j], 4, &dwWritten, NULL);
    }  // close loop
    getch();  //wait for display

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    check out this example at MSDN.


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