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    Question NEWBIE: Class Problem

    I can't seem to get this working. It gives me 2 syntax errors (under visual C++ 6) saying that im missing ';' on line 43. Can someone please tell me what ive done wrong?
    #include <iostream.h>
    class Network
    	// Handles the Server
    	void MT_StartServer(int *Port);
    	void MT_EndServer(int *Port);
    	// Handles the Client
    	void MT_ConnectToServer(int *Port);
    	void MT_DisconnecFromServer(int *Port);
    	// Handles Input/Output
    	void MT_SendMessage(char *Message);
    	void MT_ReceiveMessage(char *Message);
    	// Private Ints
    	int Port;		// The Port as of which they'll be using
    	// Private Chars
    	char Message[50];// The message they'll be sending
    void Network::MT_StartServer(int *Port)
    	cout << Port;
    int main()
    	Network.MT_StartServer(1299); // This is line 43
    	return 0;
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    Well for a start, your MT_StartServer() expects a pointer to an int, and gets an int
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    Next off, you don't actually have an instance of your class any place, and since that isn't a static member function, you can't just call that function by itself.

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    your member functions arn't static.
    You can't call non static methods from the class itself, you need to instantiate a class.
    Network nwVariable;
    Network *nwVariable = new Network();


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    >your member functions arn't static.
    It still wouldn't work even if they were, unless the OP is using some bastardization of C with Classes and C++. To access a static member function, you use the scope resolution operator, not the member operator:
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