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    Question input with cin....

    Hello everybody,
    I've just got an assignment, I need to write a program that receives as input an unknown amount of numbers in one line with space after each number, and enter after the last number. I need to get those numbers with the 'cin' command.
    How can I do that?
    Since I don't know how many numbers, I thought about placing cin in a loop but how can it recognize when the line has ended?

    Thank you for you help!!

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    you could try char by char read in to a char array and convert each char array to a string and then to an int or a float when you've found a space using atoi or atof. Alternatively, you could try calling the peek function to see what the terminating char for each >> call is before calling the next >> since >> doesn't clear the terminating char from the input buffer.

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    Re: input with cin....

    cin>> skips spaces and newlines so i think cin.get() will be better which read char by char

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    #include <iostream>
    #include <vector>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      vector<int> numbers;
      int num;
      cout << "Enter a list of numbers and then q and enter to exit: ";
      while ( cin>>num )
        numbers.push_back ( num );
      //do something with numbers..
      return 0;
    Note: This came from Preludes code example at:
    Problems with array to string assignment.

    This semi solves your problem, but i'm not entirely sure how you would deal with the enter portion of the solution..
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