turning my logic into code

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    turning my logic into code

    I am a newbie and was given an assignment by my instructor and a very brief lecture. I developed a good algorithm. Please review and see of you like what I have done so far.
    Problem: Given the current time (hrs & minutes) on a 24-hr clock, add a whole # of hours and determine what the new clock reading is and how many days later it is. (Hint: Use /24 and %24, designate midnight as 0:00 hours instead of 24:00 hours, Ex - 17:30 + 37 hours is 6:30, two days later)
    Here is my algorithm:
    1 Prompt user for hours
    2 store hours
    3 prompt user for minutes
    4 store minutes
    5 prompt user for additional hours
    6 store additional hours
    7 calculate elapsed days
    8 calculate new hours
    9 display elapsed days
    10 display new time

    Oaky, I am identifying Hours, Minutes, Additional hours, and elapsed days as my variables!?

    I can see that hours = 17; Minutes = 30; and Additional Hours = 37, do you agree?

    I can disect a problem but I am having trouble with the code part of it.

    int main()

    //I figured out from reading my book how the output would be

    cout << "Please enter hours:";
    cin << Hours
    return 0;
    I would appreciate any comments and direction. I will keep reading.

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    cin << Hours

    needs to be

    cin >> Hours

    Thats not going to help a lot, but its a start :-P

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    Re: turning my logic into code

    I'll try to be a bit more helpful

    #include <iostream>
    #include <time.h>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
          // you probably want the current time...
          time_t ltime;
          struct tm *today = localtime( & ltime );
          time( & ltime );
          //x.tm_hour, tm_isdst, tm_mday, tm_min, tm_mon, tm_sec, tm_wday, tm_yday, tm_year
          //specifically: x.tm_hour is hours since midnight
         // x.tm_min is how many minutes since start of hour
          // x.tm_sec is seconds
          int hours, minutes, morehours, days;
          cout << "How many hours? ";
          cin >> hours;
          // you should get the idea for input
          days = (hours+(minutes/60))/24;
          return 0;
    Thats part of it. I'll let you figure the rest out

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    I had built a alarm program before.. It runs under DOS.. just check it.. it did this work.. it had a present time counter.. and a time where the user could set (alarm time) and a third counter showed the remaining time along with sec and milliseconds etc...


    in this file there is another file by name "alarm+vasanth.zip" which is mine.. contains the above...

    this might give you some idea

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