Writing an avi file!!Important

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    Writing an avi file!!Important

    Hi EveryOne,

    I am trying to write avi file, and am having problem. The problem that i am having is that i am send each frame, size and OutputAviFile to a function... Something like this. but i have to write more the one frame to the avifile. so when a add another frame it over write the old one. is there anyway to set a postion from where i can start writing

    void avi_add(ofstream &OutputAviFile, unsigned char *buff, int size)
    	DBBREAKS db;
        db.size = size;
        OutputAviFile.write(reinterpret_cast<char *>(&db),sizeof(db));

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    sorta like but not really kind of yeah...

    ofstream fout (whatever.txt);



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    When you declare the ofstream variable, make it so it appends to the file and doesn't overwrite existing data. So, you could then do this:
    ofstream AVI_FRAME("myAviFile.avi",ios::app);// append
    Hope that helps!

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