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    public and private


    i'm a newbie in C++. after going through a reference, i still can't understand how to get and set the variables on private. can someone please explain to me.(with an example will be good.)

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    To have a private variable in a class, declare it after the "private:" part. To access it inside your class, just handle it as a normal variable. You cannot access it from outside your class, that's the whole purpose behind the private keyword.

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    here's an example:

    class returnnumber
          float pi = 3.1428;
          int century = 100;
    and you can put a lot of code in the middle if you want..

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    You should always make data within the class private, never protected or public.

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    PHP Code:
    class returnnumber
    float pi 3.1428;
    int x;
    int century 100;
    returnnumber() {}   // default constructor
    returnnumber(z) {setX(z)}   // overidden constructor
    void setX(int y) {y;} 
    int getX() {return x;};

    int main()
    returnnumber a;   // declares object named a of class
                            // returnnumber, but value of x in a is undefined
    returnnumber(10b;   // declares object named b of class 
                          // returnnumber with value of 10 in x
    a.setX(5);   // x now = 5 
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    class myclass{
    int i,j; /*these are the private variables or functions */
    public: //after here goes the public variables

    int age(); //these are public variables or functions
    int speed();
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