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    Question A beginner in need

    I know very little about C++. I would like to use an if command in this way:

    Ask user to enter a word

    if word is "something!"

    cout "bleah!"


    if word is "other!"

    cout "miscellaneous!"

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    if and else dont work with character arrays which is what im assuming what you mean by a "string". you could use std::string, but since youve just started, i dont suggest it. you could use strcmp()...

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    You can use either if else statements or witch statement.
     if( word == " word1")
    cout<< res1;
    else  if( word == " word2")
    cout<< res2;
    cout<< res3;
       switch word {
        word1: {cout<< res1;  break;}
        word2: {cout<< res2;  break;}
        word3: {cout<< res3;  break;}
    I think this is good code.
    The best

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    re: if statement

    please note that if u have more than one line of code following your if statement these lines must be enclosed in matching {}




    if u dont put the {} your compiler will only read the line immediately following the if statement.

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