variable declaration style

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    variable declaration style

    I've always been told this was just a matter of style/taste, but I was wondering if that is actually the case:

    example 1 - better for brevity:
    int a=0, b=0, c=0;
    example 2 - better for clarity:
    int a=0;
    int b=0;
    int c=0;
    I've tried both on large projects and haven't noticed anything different as far as compile time, program speed, etc.. Is either considered a standard or is it really just a matter of taste?

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    It's a matter of taste and clarity.

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    I personally mix the two styles.

    If variables are logicaly related to each other, I use your first form. If they are not, I use the second form. if I can't use the first form and they are related, I create groups of variable declarations, like this:
    int a = 0;
    lng b=0;
    int k = 0;
    char m='c';
    For me, the most important is to, not only identify them, but also understand possible relationships, at a glance.

    Finally, I only declare at the top of the current scope those variables that are somewhat relevant to the business model. Flags and such, I only declare and initialize when I need them.
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    I prefer a combination of the two for long lists of variables:
    int a = 0,
        b = 0,
        c = 0;
    For short lists such as the above (only an example), I place them all on the same line since they are relatively easy to locate.

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    I will go with what Prelude worte

    Originally posted by Prelude

    int a = 0,// comment1
        b = 0, // comment 2
        c = 0;
    and If you add some comments that will be great
    The best

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