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Function returning *this pointer

This is a discussion on Function returning *this pointer within the C++ Programming forums, part of the General Programming Boards category; Hi, I'm new to C++ and OO programming and I have a question about this code: Code: #include <iostream> using ...

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    Function returning *this pointer

    Hi, I'm new to C++ and OO programming and I have a question about this code:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    class A{
            int a;
            int b;
            A(int aa=0,int bb=0){a=aa;b=bb;}
            int geta(){return a;}
            int getb(){return b;}
            A foo(){return *this;}
            A& foo2(){return *this;}
    int main(){
    A obj;;
    return 0;
    How is this allowed;?? I know that foo2 returns reference to obj object, but I don't understand how foo works...

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    It involves the default assignment operator and an implicit call to the constructor of A... If you change "int aa=0,int bb=0" to "int aa,int bb" it should no longer compile.
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    Of course it does not result in 'obj' being modified, since the assignment merely modifies the copy which was returned by 'foo'.
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    The reason that this works is that in general, you can call non-const methods of temporaries. Like this:
    Assignment for classes is considered a method. This:
    Is sugar for this:
    In contrast, primitive types don't implement assignment as a method, so this is not allowed:
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