So how hard is programming?

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    Mosta the classes aren't trying to teach you how to program commercial apps, they're just tryin' to teach you how to think.

    Also, I think you overestimate how many people actually teach themselves to program. Lots of people entering programming classes have never actually programmed before.

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    Here is something that all of us programmers can relate to:

    Programming starts off as something you want to do, not because it is easy or because it is hard but because we say something like "whoa! I wonder if I could do this..." I started programming to make games, while others started programming to hack. Whatever you motivation is will make you learn to stop using the words "hard" and "programming" in the same sentence. With that said, enjoy learning to program.

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    i never said it was all useless - i meant the beginning tutorials are pretty useless - as most people (maybe all) starting a cs course have programmed in at least one langauge. If you read the post - i am talking about how they teach the basics - not the entire lang!
    Okay this is true for some people in the class. When I started programming 2 years ago even the simple stuff was very confusing. I was totally dumbified by "Hello World" written in 'C' for example.
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    I never took classes for C++! I read off of net tutorials. I am already in Win32 API programming and have been programming for only a few months. And I'm just 14 years old!!

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    So what are some of your projects?


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    Learning a language compared to program something *real* is a walk in the park.

    If you're very intrested in programming a game for instance it'll also be a lot easier to keep the motivation up when learning the language.

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    I never had any C++ Classes either. I'm just 12 years old, and I just learned how to make a dialog box in windows. I'm happy now. When you hit cancel, a message box appears and says "Whoop! it's me! Barney! You hit Cancel!" And then when you hit OK The program swears at you and exits. I'm proud of myself. I deserve a milkshake. bye.

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    I just got me milkshake. I'm going to throw corn at the house.

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