Thread: Vector of objects and Iterator

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    Vector of objects and Iterator

    hi, I am getting runtimes errors sometimes and cant figure out why, that i am pointing on wrong memory.
    i have got this terrible interface. I think there can be problem with saving objects to vector and my copy constructor, or iterator. And i am not sure if i am saving those files correctly.

    Thanks for any help.

    I have class Airport which has vector of planes.

    vector<plane> planes;
    vector<plane>::iterator planeIterator;
    bool airport::addPlane(const plane& p)   //funcction to add planes into vector
            planeIterator = planes.begin();     //if vector empty put iterator on first object
        return true;
    const plane* airport::getCurrentPlane() const    // get the current object on which is iterator pointing has to be const pointer on plane
        if(planes.size()== 0)
            return NULL;
        plane *p1 = new plane(*planeIterator);
        return p1;
    //here is my copy constructor from plane class
    plane::plane(const plane& other)
        _hasLanded = other._hasLanded;

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    Any operation that changes number of elements in a vector - such as push_back() - can invalidate all iterators related to that vector.

    Every call to plane.push_back() therefore needs to be followed up by "planeIterator = plan.begin()". Similarly with any operation that removes elements from the plane vector.
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    I worry that you declared these variables as global:
    vector<plane> planes;
    vector<plane>::iterator planeIterator;
    I hope you only wanted to make this code snippet as small as possible. If you did not, you should make them members of `airport`.
    Remember to also properly implement copy constructor and copy-assignment operator of `airport`, or prohibit its copying at all.

    And seriously consider using an index instead of an iterator - you will avoid many errors and you will be able to use the default copy constructor/copy-assignment operator.

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    I would also advice you to get rid of the new. Just return a const reference to the object pointed to by the iterator (or in this case, always .begin())!
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