Thread: the client\server application

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    the client\server application

    hello all
    i just wrote an application for a simple chat between a server and client using c++ and winsock ,but the problem is when the server is in state of listening the client sends a message...after 15 seconds it says that the connection is not possible,im using an ip adress via internet ,and not local ip adress by another word im trying to communicate by a web network and not by a local network,is that some thing do with router? u have to know that i checked all the firewall configuration from both any one can suggest me a solution?
    thx in advance

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    Have you tested it with a local ip address? Are you sure it's the internet/firewall configuration or could it be a problem the the application itself?

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    Is the IP address reachable? Did you try pinging it? If it doesn't work (and you HAVE tried local ip), then wireshark may be a good tool to check if the remote computer gets the connection request or not. If it doesn't, it may be a firewall or a router issue.
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    i didn't test it on a local adress ip that's what i will do..then i will give you the up dates..

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    ok i'm going to try all of this then i will let you about updates ,by this way can you please give me a useful link or a book WINSOCK tutorial , i looked but i didn't find any thing interesting

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