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    This is the first piece of code I have attempted to write in C++ and need some help getting it to do what I need it to. I am supposed to write a code for a calculator using only pointer and anonymous variables that continuously asks for different operations until the user wants to exit. This is what I have so far and it terminates after asking for the second number. Any help is appreciated, THANK YOU!
    using namespace std;
    int Arithmetic ( int * x , int * y );
    int main() {
    int num1;
    int num2;
    cout << "Please enter an integer value:"; // prompts user to enter number
    cin >> num1; //stores number
    cout << "Please enter a second integer value:"; // prompts user to enter number
    cin >> num2; //stores number
    Arithmetic( &num1,&num2 );
    return 0;
     Arithmetic(int * x, int * y)
    char * charPtr;
    int * intPtr2;
    while ( * charPtr != 'q' ){
            charPtr = newchar;
            cout << "Please select an operation:(+,-,*,/,%) or enter 'q' to exit"; // prompts user to enter and operation or 0 to exit
            cin >> *charPtr; 
    // stores user input
    switch ( *charPtr )
                    *intPtr2 = *x + *y;
                    *intPtr2 = *x - *y;
                    *intPtr2 = *x * *y;
                    *intPtr2 = *x / *y;
                    *intPtr2 = *x % *y;
                    cout << "invalid operation, enter 'q' to exit";
            cout << *intPtr2;

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    Please edit your post so that the code doesn't have a crap-load of useless tags in it before you post it.

    [B ][SIZE=2 ][COLOR=#7f0055 ][SIZE=2 ][COLOR=#7f0055 ]#include[/COLOR ][/SIZE ][/COLOR ][/SIZE ][/B ][SIZE=2 ][COLOR=#2a00ff ][SIZE=2 ][COLOR=#2a00ff ]<iostream>[/COLOR ][/SIZE ][/COLOR ][/SIZE ]
    [B ][SIZE=2 ][COLOR=#7f0055 ][SIZE=2 ][COLOR=#7f0055 ]#include[/COLOR ][/SIZE ][/COLOR ][/SIZE ][/B ][SIZE=2 ][COLOR=#2a00ff ][SIZE=2 ][COLOR=#2a00ff ]<cmath>[/COLOR ][/SIZE ][/COLOR ][/SIZE ]

    That is, so your code looks like this
    using namespace std;
    That is, make sure you paste "text" as opposed to pasting "HTML" or some other overly decorated format.
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    Also make sure to indent your code.
    Quote Originally Posted by Adak View Post
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    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

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