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    Get/Set Function Help

    I am writting some code and wish to use a get/set for a class variable. This variable will be used within the main(), and also internally within the class. Here is some syntax to better explain the issue...
    int main()
       ClassA *test_ptr = 0;
      if( test_ptr->test_B.getValue() )
         //do something...
    //within header
    //skeleton of classA
      ClassB test_B;

    bool test_value
    bool ClassB::getValue()
    {  return test_value;  }
    void ClassB::setValue()
         test_value = false;
        test_value = true;
    My question is in order for test_value to be seen by main should I make test_value a pointer; or can I just make it normal bool value? I am worried about test_value being released/destoryed in operation of the code and I am not really certain if a pointer will resolve that issue. I have looked stuff up but I am still very fuzzy on this!

    Also if its a pointer should I declare it *test_value = true; in the constructor? Thank you for the help in advance.

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    test_value is a member variable of your class, and only gets destroyed when your class gets destroyed. So no, you have no need of returning a pointer in your getter.

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    test_value doesn't need to be seen by main. main can just call getValue. NO change to pointers is needed here.

    FYI, to toggle a variable:
    void ClassB::setValue()
       test_value = !test_value;
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