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    String File Input

    I am trying to read a file to create the structures for a small 2d game.
    I am reading in integer numbers to construct the walls.

    At the moment I am using getline and have each number on a seperate line
    But I want to be able to read each box (four walls) on the same line

    100 100 200 200
    What syntax can I do this with?

    Below is my current code

    int i,j,readAmount;
    	string inputLine;
    	ifstream worldFile;"map.2d",ios::in );
    	readAmount = atoi(inputLine.c_str());
    			rectWalls[i] = atoi(inputLine.c_str()); //converts inputLine string Var to integer, via c to c++ conversion
    		polygon(mapBuffer,4, rectWalls, makecol(255, 0, 0));

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    Use a string stream.

    Read a whole line.
    Initialise an istringstream foo with your input
    Then do
    while ( foo >> myint )

    to extract each int in turn.
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