mysql_use_result() returns NULL problem

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    mysql_use_result() returns NULL problem

    Hello everybody,
    I recently moved from PHP to C++ and started to learn MySQL DB connections. When I try to execute a query, mysql_use_result leads to access violation error and I can't figure out why. The code is:

    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <time.h>
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <mysql.h>
    #pragma link "libmySQL.lib"
    MYSQL * db_connect;
    MYSQL_RES *res, *res1;
    MYSQL_ROW row;
    using namespace std;
    char *server = "localhost";
    char *user = "root";
    char *password = "";
    char *database = "f";
    char Query[256];
    char input_user_login[32];
    char* user_login;
    char input_user_password[32];
    char* user_password;
    char* user_id;
    char* user_db_password;
    int CHAR_STR;
    int CHAR_HP;
    void choose_char() {
    sprintf(Query, "SELECT id, str, hp FROM characters WHERE user_id=%s",user_id);
       mysql_query(db_connect, Query);
       res = mysql_use_result(db_connect);
       while ((row = mysql_fetch_row(res)) != NULL) {
    	  cout << row[0] << "      " << row[1] << "     " << row[2] << "\n";
    cout << "Choose a character id:\n";
    char character[32];
    cin >> character;
    sprintf(Query, "SELECT str, hp FROM characters WHERE id=%s",character);
    if (mysql_query(db_connect, Query)) {
    	  cout << "Error getting the info \n";
    	res = mysql_use_result(db_connect);
    	row = mysql_fetch_row(res);
    	CHAR_STR = atoi(row[0]);
    	CHAR_HP = atoi(row[1]);
    void user_login_screen() {
    	cin >> input_user_login;
    	cin >> input_user_password;
    	user_login = (char*)input_user_login;
    	user_password = (char*)input_user_password;
    	sprintf(Query, "SELECT id, password FROM users WHERE login=%s",user_login);
    	mysql_query(db_connect, Query);
       res = mysql_use_result(db_connect);
       if ((row = mysql_fetch_row(res)) == NULL) {
    	   cout << "This user is not in the DB\n\n";
    	   goto start;
       user_id = row[0];
       user_db_password = row[1];
       if (strcmp(user_password, user_db_password) != 0) {
    	   cout << "Wrong login or password.\n\n";
    	   goto start;
    int main() {
    	db_connect = mysql_init(NULL);
    	if (!mysql_real_connect(db_connect, server,
    		 user, password, database, 0, 0, 0)) {
    	cout << "Could not connect to the DB";
    	else {
    		   cout << "Connection succesful!\n";
    	cout << "Log in successful\n";
    The problem is login goes alright with no problems, but when choose_char() is called, I get access violation because res = mysql_use_result(db_connect); is NULL.

    Help please

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    Sorry, I posted it in the wrong section, chould be C++ :/

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    Moved to C++ Programming forum.

    Just a few pointers to help you help us to help you:
    • It is great that you posted in code tags, but you also should indent your code properly.
    • Do not use the goto keyword; it looks like you only need a loop.
    • Avoid global variables: they make it more difficult to reason about your code.
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    Look up a C++ Reference and learn How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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    Thanks for the tips.

    I've been fighting with this for 2 days and the solution was easy as pie (like always). Using mysql_store_result would fix all access violation errors.

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