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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffcobb View Post
    Look up stat() and friends if you are on a *NIX OS; POSIX has a whole raft of ops that can answer these questions...
    and also on Windows. Although Microsoft prefers to call it _stat() instead.
    Most of those POSIX functions start with _ on Windows.
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    string* getFname()
                    int position=0;
    			return str;
    this functions searches for all the text files in the particular folder and returns their name in string pointer.

    	int manipulation()	const
    			fstream  my_file;			string line;
    			string::size_type found;	
    				if (my_file.is_open())
    					while ( getline(my_file,line) )
    						if (found != string::npos){		return found;			 }
    						/*if (found == string::npos){	cout<<"NOT found"<<endl; }*/
    				else 	{ cout<<"File not opened";	}
    this files then uses the name of the file and do the manipulations i.e searches for the word in the file . I dont know how to deal with the pointers .The higlighted part of code is giving me errors.
    cannot convert 'this' pointer from 'const FileManipulator' to 'file &'

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