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    Exclamation help required with my code on double base number representation !!urgent!!

    i want to print the double base representation of a number
    ie if my number is 38 i shud get 36 + 2 and for 655 i shud get 648 + 6 + 1.
    here's my code:

    unsigned long bs(unsigned long a[],unsigned long d, unsigned long beg, unsigned long end, unsigned long x)
         int mid;    
         if (x<a[mid])    
         else if(x<a[mid])    
         else if(x>a[end])
         {    cout<<a[end]<<" + ";  
               return a[end];   
         else if(x==a[mid])
              return a[mid];
    void alg(unsigned long a[],unsigned long d, unsigned long x)
         unsigned long num;
         if (num>0)
          int c,n,d;
          d=c=(unsigned long)(pow(32,2));
          unsigned long a[d],b[c],t,x,y;
          for(int i=0;i<32;i++)
              for(int j=0;j<32;j++)
                  b[c]=(unsigned long)(pow(2,i)*pow(3,j));
                  if(j==0 || ULONG_MAX/pow(3,j)>pow(2,i))
                    // cout<<i<<"\t"<<j<<"\t"<<a[d]<<endl;
         cout<<"enter element:";
         cout<<"its representation is :"<<endl;
    wat im doing in my code for alg() is im finding the element in the array using bs()
    if the elemnt i want is in the array im printing that otherwise im finding the element that is closest (from the lesser side) to it and finding the difference ie (x - closest number to x) and calling alg for the difference and so on.
    ie for 655 the closest elemnt is 648 and 655-648 is 7 , calling alg with 7 gives the closest elemnt as 6 n 7-6 is 1 n so on..
    in my bs() code im returning the elemnt or the one which is closest to it. but somehow its not printing that elemnt n neither is it returning it.

    please help...
    thanks for reading!
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    Welcome to the boards, that said...

    From the forum guidelines:
    Tips for Efficient and Successful Posting

    1. Don't use all caps.

    2. Use descriptive subject lines. Do not put URGENT!, or NEED HELP NOW, etc. in your title; it will not make people look at it any faster. Doing this makes many old time helpers on this board not look at the post at all.
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    So what you're saying is that your bs function is broken. And if you look at it, you will quickly see that that is the case -- the base case must always be checked first.

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