how to save or print

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    how to save or print

    i have a program that works out the net pay of and employee and the tax and other payments. it shows the outputs on the screen after calculation and i would like to give the option to either save, exit or print has anyone any suggestions??

    attached is my code. password 150284.
    astrix code would be apreciated also.
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    to save to a file you will need to use ofstream or fstream or FILE *, and to read information back into a program again (or else why save it to begin with?) use ifstream or fstream or FILE *.

    To print to a printer you can use LPT1 as a file name if the printer is on that port and you are using a DOS program.

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    It is a good thing I keep this handy... this question comes up every week.

    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <stdlib>
    using namespace std ;
    int main()
            char printer[10] = "LPT1:";
            char character;
            ofstream prnt (printer);
            if ( 
                    cout << "ERROR-Unable to open " << printer << '\n' ;
                    return 1 ;
            system ("cls");
            cout << "Type the text you wish to have printed.  You must use "
                 << "\nyour own returns as there is no text wrapping other than "
                 << "\nthat which the printer will do at the end of page. Though, "
                 << "\nthis may lead to words being cut in half.  This simple "
                 << "\nprogram could be made much better utilizing iomanip for text "
                 << "\nformatting, but it shows you the basics of opening a printer "
                 << "\nport. " << endl << endl
                 << "Press a '#' and return when you are ready to print... " << endl
                 << endl << endl;
            while (character != '#')
                    if(character != '#')
            prnt << '\r' << '\f' ; // return and eject the last page from the printer

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