Dev-C++ compiler problem

This is a discussion on Dev-C++ compiler problem within the C++ Programming forums, part of the General Programming Boards category; I'm taking a C++ class and they recommend Dev C++ for beginners In that case you should ask your instructor ...

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    I'm taking a C++ class and they recommend Dev C++ for beginners
    In that case you should ask your instructor for help with the recommended tool.

    it's easier to use that Visual C++ and more user friendly
    I do not think so. I think that all the major IDEs are "easy to use" and "user friendly", to some extent.
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    Setting up Code Blocks, with video tutorial. You know, in case you still want it.

    And swgh, I didn't mean to offend. You know, I said "ignore that, you can use whatever you want. Here, take mine, it's better." I was kinda joking, contradicting myself like that. Sorry the joke was at your expense. Just trying to fan a little "VC++ vs C::B" debate.
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    Hi, in the dev environment, there seems to be only one option for the compiler. I am currently using "gcc", should i switch to mingw32-gcc? I am using XP still by the way, because vista annoyed me.

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    mingw32-gcc is a port (version) of gcc for Windows. cygwin is another, but probably not what you want. Therefore, you are fine.

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    as far as your prog question goes, you might try using cstdlib instead of stdlib.h, cstdlib is a c++ library where stdlib.h is not. I dont know if that will help becuase your code worked for me. :/
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