file writting & loop problem

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    Unhappy file writting & loop problem

    My problems are these, what my program should do is read in from a file scmemail.txt, and write out to a file email.txt I've had this working but have lost it.

    I also need to call a function make_name to tokenise lines in the file and then store the tokenised array of strings (last_name[i]) what i want to do is print out these strings in a loop but I can't get it to work, if I print out the strings and reference them last_name_[1],2 etc this works. but cannot get it to work in loop.

    Can anybody help, I,ve include the file I'm working with any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>

    FILE *ofp;
    char *make_name(char *s);
    char *a[20], *p, *name;
    char *last_name[40];
    int i;
    int main()
    char buffer [101], s[101];
    char new_name[30]="";
    FILE *ifp, *ofp;

    if ((ifp=fopen("scmemail.txt", "r")) == NULL)
    printf("The file scmemail.txt could't be opened or is corrupt'/n'");

    if ((ofp=fopen("email.txt", "w")) == NULL)
    printf("The file email.txt couldn't be opened for writting please check disk space'/n'");

    strcpy(s, buffer);

    case'&'rintf(" here now\n"); /*visual check*/
    name=make_name(s);/*Call to function make_name*/




    return 0;

    char *make_name(char *s)
    char *kurt;
    // char *last_name[40];
    int Count;

    kurt=strtok(s," &");

    while(*kurt != '-')

    kurt=strtok(NULL," ");

    for (Count=1;Count<i;Count++)

    // fputs(last_name[0],stdout);
    // fputs(last_name[1],stdout);
    // fputs(last_name[2],stdout);

    return s;
    } /* end of make_name function */
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