I need help on Student record prog

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    I need help on Student record prog

    Hi all,
    I have a program that I need help on. I have attatched it to this thread-it is a Student Record program that is meant to read in details of a student from a binary file -store this data(put it in structure in memory) then allowing the user to input 4 test marks working out the average.
    Then it is worked out whether the student has passed/failed-then the details are written to Passed.txt or Failed.txt.
    Thanx, much appreciated.
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    I won't give up all the answers, but here's a biggie:

    typedef struct {
    int GetStudentRecord(void);              /* Reads list from file */
    int EnterandCalcResults(void);           /* Enters marks & calculates results */
    int find(char*,int);                   /* Searches list for entry */
    void WriteToTextFile(int);             /* writes updated list to file */
    You begin defining a structure, but forget to actually "complete the thought" before you move on to your prototypes. Also, STUDENTSlist appears to be an array, but an array of what?

    Good luck.
    Jason Deckard

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    Thanx for your reply Deckard, well its a question of whether I need an array for the records.
    Right here is the whole program - any input will be HIGHLY praised-please before the end of today-I will be forever in debt to you........

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <alloc.h>

    #define FILE_IN"Students.dat"
    #define FILE_OUT"Passed.txt"
    #define FILE_OUT2"Failed.txt"
    #define RECORDS 25

    typedef struct {
    char Fname[32]--------details of chars--------------- ;
    int ID[7]-------;


    int GetStudentRecord(void);
    int Enter&CalcResults(void);
    int find(char*,int);
    void WriteToTextFile(int);

    int GetStudentRecord(void){
    char Fname[32],------------details of chars----------- ;
    int ID[7]-----;

    while(students<RECORDS&&(fscanf(in,"%s%s%d%d%s%s%s ",--------chars----------------)!=feof)){
    and so on...........for all chars.....

    If (in==NULL)
    printf("Can't open file %s\n",FILE_IN);
    return students;

    int Enter&CalcResults(void){
    int a[N];
    float av = 0;
    int j;
    printf("please enter the test marks\n");
    for (j=0;j<N;j++)
    { printf("Test mark %d = ",j+1);
    av = av/N;
    printf("The test marks were in order- ");
    for (j=0;j<N;j++)
    printf("The average mark is %5.3f\n",av);

    char GRADE[1];
    if (av>=0)&&(av<=39) then
    ----------and so on to give overall grade----------

    void WriteToTextFile(int){
    FILE *in,*out;
    PERSON stud;
    char buf[RECORDS+1];
    in = fopen(FILE_IN,"rb");
    if (in==NULL)

    The rest of the code should write details to appropriate text file-either of two


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